Tecnogomma’s production process employs a modern and updated machine park and it’s made possible by the experience and skills of the production’s Staff; a product that respects every Customer’s requirement is always guaranteed ;

flexibility in production scheduling and an advanced handling of logistics makesTecnogomma able to be always on time with its deliveries and gives an high level of adaptability to the specific needs of every Customer.

currently located in the new plant of San Francesco al Campo (7000 m2, 2500 indoor), Tecnogomma has 14 injection presses:

3 MAP 300 tonns  600×800 injection capacity  1400cc
1 MAP 300 tonns  600×800 injection capacity 1400cc  silicone compatible
3 MAP 450 tonns  700×800 injection capacity 4500cc
1 MAP450 tonns  700×800 injection capacity 4500cc silicone compatible
3 CLM 120 tonns  400×400 injection capacity 500cc
1 CLM 120 tonns  400×400 injection capacity 500cc  silicone compatible
1 SASPOL 300  600×800 injection capacity 2500cc
1 MAP 700  900×1100 injection capacity 7000cc